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About Us

At New Ventures we specialize in providing value added services priced to be affordable for even those at an entry level. Simply we offer a documentably superior product than competitors at a better price. More than 12,000 hours of pure research, testing, and validation have gone into the products listed here to ensure quality. If you have any questions, contact us!

We are a client oriented business and we strive to assist everyone in improving their ability to pursue their financial independence. In order to further that, in addition to our business model, a portion of our profits go towards improving financial literacy in underprivileged communities.

If still despite our deeply discounted prices compared to market you find it difficult to afford our products please DM us on twitter and we may be able to show you some things that have helped others in similar circumstances.

While our products are proven to perform in the market our website is in beta at the moment. Please contact us with any difficulty you experience when using the website or any other feedback.

Please note that you will be able to receive payment for referral points and potentially other rewards, rather than just store credit, after the referred transaction has completed. Points left on account may yield additional value at the prevailing ~0.5% depending upon conditions with potential earnings bonuses.

Additionally we are considering stock awards for our most productive partners as well as select customers. We feel strongly that the best business practice is to align incentives naturally so that all of our best interests are shared in a real and meaningful way. You fundamentally basically don't see shareholder ownership consideration with anybody else in our market. We aren't a churn and burn operation. Your success is our success.

Please note by visiting our website you consent to the New Ventures Group llc terms of service and privacy policy. Referral promotions can't be combined in a single transaction. Other rates, terms, conditions and restrictions may apply. Terms and conditions may change at anytime without notice. Please contact us for more details.


No credit card fees with Kash means a lower price for you. Kash uses bank grade security and backs every transaction with a $100,000 fraud loss guarantee.

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